Menacer 6 Game Cartridge - Loose Cartridge

Menacer 6 Game Cartridge - Loose Cartridge

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Genre: Light Gun Multi Game Cartridge

With the Sega Menacer you can take your gaming to the next level! With 6 action packed titles on one cartridge, you can blast the best with blast processing!

Space Station Defender
Defend your lunar station from waves of machine gun-toting aliens.

Ready. Aim. Tomatoes!
Be ToeJam and lob tomatoes at wacky enemies while Earl keeps score.

Defend your post with anti-aircraft, anti-tank and machine gun fire.

Grab control and win! Be the ball!>
Pest Control
Can you exterminate the pizza-loving bugs before they clean you out?

Rockman's Zone
Train to be a G-Man pick out the bad guys before they pick you out.

Front label damage. Loose cartridge. This game requires the Sega Menacer light gun. This light gun can only be used on older CRT TV sets. It will not work on newer LCD, LED, OLED or plasma television sets. Menacer is sold separately.