Refund policy

If you have any problems with a product purchased from Retro Replay you have a 10 day (from ordering date) defective policy. If you find that your product is defective please email us at with a description of the issue. You may also contact us through our Facebook page or Instagram page. The links to these are located at the bottom of our main page at

If it is deemed that the product is defective, and you are not local, you must SHIP the item back to Retro Replay at your cost. If the product is deemed defective by our staff and the defective situation is not caused by user error, user damage or user negligence than a replacement of the same item will be shipped or delivered to you at Retro Replay's cost.

If an exact replacement is not available then credit will be issued for the amount of the original item's value towards future or current product. If it has been deemed that the item has become defective or damaged due to negligence from the consumer than they may choose to have the item shipped back to them at their cost or not. 

If an item is not in stock after an order has been placed, the value of that item will be refunded through our merchant store before the order is completed. There are no cash refunds for any reason on items that have been shipped or delivered. Only replacement or credit refunds. If an item is returned and it is not the original item purchased, said item will not be sent back and will be disposed of. Sending items back that were not purchased from Retro Replay will not be tolerated and you will be removed from being allowed to use our services or purchase our products in the future.

An example of this activity is purchasing a game that you already own that is broken in some way. Then you send the broken item back for a refund instead of the item you purchased. We track and note all specifics of each item sold and all their individual conditions. Replacing it with another item will be noticed immediately.

If you are a local customer and are having an issue with an item or product that has been purchased from Retro Replay we will do our best to resolve this issue with you locally. This may, but is not guaranteed to include, meeting up with you to replace an item. Each specific local order will be taken as a case by case basis.

We will do our best to rectify any issue that you may have with any products that you purchase from Retro Replay. However abuse, harassment or intimidation from a client to any member of staff will not be tolerated and by doing so will remove any refund policy stated above for the safety of all members of the Retro Replay team.