The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

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Genre: 2D Platformer

After an epic battle, Spyro and his friend Sparx freed Cynder the she-dragon from the Dark Master's influence.

One night, Cynder leaves the temple, remorse in her heart after all she's put Spyro through. While Spyro is out looking for her he witnesses the treacherous attack of Dragon's sworn enemies: the dreaded apes. Gaul, the evil Baboon king and the servant of the Dark Master led them. He seeks further to summon him into this world.

Guided by an ancient dragon, the Chronicler, Spyro has to recover his powers and fight his way through to save her and foil the Dark Master's plan. There's not much choice is there? For failure would mean...Eternal Night.

Explore arcade features and delve in a deep and exciting story as you run through the platforms of Spyro. The game involves a large span of different modes and features Spyro skimming through areas designed accordingly such as flight levels and Bosses levels. New areas are unlocked while the story unfolds to its mighty end.

Mixing the best elements of arcade gaming with an RPG-like storyline, Spyro has succeeded in becoming an immersive and powerful, yet simple game of many choices. The arcade addicted players will encounter a challenge designed for their higher skill against the tweaked Bosses of the game through the Boss mode game option.

* An exciting and new Gameplay combining platforming, flight, arcade combat and puzzle solving
* 14 different powers designed with their own unique purpose
* 8 highlighted Bosses involving a real challenge
* Unlocked secrets and abilities to rock the scene
* Intricate storyline with amazing cut-scenes
* A secret level, a Boss mode challenge and a Hard mode

Loose cartridge.