Pele! - Loose Cartridge

Pele! - Loose Cartridge

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Genre: Soccer

Bicycle Kicks. Headers. Slides. Dives. Tackles. This Is Soccer The Way Pele Plays It.

PELE! soccer is the ultimate battle for international soccer supremacy from the sport's most celebrated star. Who's got what it takes to finish on top? South America? Europe? The U.S.? With 40 international clubs to choose from, there's only one way to find out. Pele's way.

- Realistic soccer moves - bicycle kicks, headers, dives, traps - the list goes on and on.

- 30 - 35 degrees slanted field perspective allows you to experience just how enormous a real soccer field is.

- Extra-large rotoscoped players - straight from video footage of real athletes.

- Adjust individual player attributes like speed, aggressiveness, shot accuracy, ball control and stamina while in exhibition play.

- "Memory chip" allows you to save season and tournament play, win, loss and tie records, as well as goals for, goals against and total points. Plus, for your team, the memory chip also saves individual player stats including games played, goals, assists and fouls.

- Choose from dozens of international clubs, playing either a full 18-game season in your division or world-class tournament play.

There are two rental stickers on the front label. Loose cartridge.