Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you get your products from?

We get our products from people just like you! Retro Replay has been buying, selling and trading video games and other awesome items since 1999!


Are your games/consoles tested?

Yes! We test each and every one of our games and consoles that we put up for sale. No we don't play through them all, because that would take forever, however we do put them in a console and boot them up to make sure that they are working as they should. 


What is Retro Replay's warranty?

As stated above we test every item before it goes out for sale. Any flaws or problems are listed before hand, if there are any, in product descriptions. However sometimes things just don't perform as they should for one reason or another. 

If you have any problems with a product purchased from Retro Replay you have a 10 day (from ordering date) defective policy. If you find that your product is defective please email us at retroreplaycanada@gmail.com with a description of the issue. If it is deemed that the product is defective you must SHIP the item back to Retro Replay at your cost. If the product is deemed defective by our staff and the defective situation is not caused by user error, user damage or user negligence than a replacement of the same item will be shipped or delivered to you at Retro Replay's cost. If an exact replacement is not available then credit will be issued for the amount of the original item's value towards future or current product. If it has been deemed that the item has become defective or damaged due to negligence from the consumer than they may choose to have the item shipped back to them at their cost or not. 


Can I come and pickup my purchases?

No. At the moment we are offering free delivery on orders over $35 in the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo or within 20km distance. However we also sometimes are able to deliver outside of that area, within reason, in certain situations, if we are able. No guarantees, but we do our best to deliver as much as we can within reason. 


How does shipping work?

Retro Replay offers shipping across Canada. Retro Replay now proudly offers shipping to over 100 countries world wide. We do our best to ship our products as safe and fast as possible! Shipping prices are calculated automatically through Canada Post, and we have no real control over that, however you are able to choose what shipping service works best for you.

Retro Replay offers FREE SHIPPING on all order of $100 or more before taxes across Canada! So make sure to fill your cart to get the best shipping deals!


Can I get put on a wait list for a certain game, console or item?

No. You would be surprised how many people are looking for a certain item or items. Sometimes we get 50 or more people asking for one specific item before we have one available for sale. This is the reality of the video game market. There are a lot of people looking for something and there is no finite way to provide stock of everything everyone requests. 


I have games I want to sell. How do I go about doing that?

Shoot us an email at retroreplaycanada@gmail.com and let us know what you have available. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please understand that any quote or prices that are provided for purchases are based on the assumption that all the items you are attempting to sell are in very good shape, work as intended and have no major flaws or problems causing them not to function as intended. If that is the case we would not be interested in purchasing defective or broken items and the quoted amount will be modified based on that information.

For example, if you are quoted $100 for 10 PS2 games and it turns out that 8 of them do not meet our standards for condition of products, we will not be purchasing them. Quality is everything when it comes to values of video games and defective items are something we are currently not interested in purchasing. 

Are your games clean?

We do clean and sanitize each and every game before we sell them. Same with consoles. They all go through a thorough cleaning process and are tested again after cleaning to make sure they are working as good as they should.


What condition are your products in?

All of our products are at least in good condition. The vast majority of the items we sell are used and are decades old. As much as we would love for all our items to be absolutely mint, that is just not possible. There are going to be some minor nicks, dings, scratches, stickers or marker stains on some games. That is just unavoidable. Remember a lot of these games were once in rental stores and some stores used permanent marker to inventory their products. They also stuck on their store stickers. We remove all stickers that we feel safe to do so, however certain stickers placed on sensitive areas of a game might not be something we are comfortable with removing without causing damage.

Essentially all of the games we have for sale would be considered a 7/10 condition overall. If there is any major concern in condition then it would be noted in the description of the item. In the case of disc based games, most of them will have some sort of minor scratches on the discs. We do not sell games that have heavy scratches in the discs or any defect that would cause them to not be read.

If we wouldn't be comfortable with having them on our collection, then we don't sell them without noting so. So shop with confidence!


Why are some games listed twice with different prices?

If you see two of the same games listed but they have different prices usually that means that the less expensive game has something different about it. Sometimes it could be something like it is missing the manual, minor damage to the case, manual is missing cover, it is in a rental or replacement case or something else cosmetic of that nature.

We do not discount games if they are not working. No known non working games are listed on the website because that would be horrible. We do our absolute best to describe any notable condition issues or missing manuals. Sometimes we miss something because we're just people, but we do our best to make sure you know of anything. Some people want to collect only the best and some people want it cheaper just to play. So we adjust prices accordingly if there are any cosmetic issues to the case or missing manuals etc.


You guys screwed up listing something. What happens now?

If there is a mistake in the pricing of an item, the setup of the parameters of a sale, discount, credit, or balance, Retro Replay reserves the right not to honour any sales completed with an errored item, sale, discount, credit or balance or any other subject. Any purchase funds will be fully refunded, including taxes, shipping and delivery costs to the customer.

We do our absolute best to be as fair an honest with our customers and we go above and beyond to make things right. However we expect our customers to understand when we make a mistake and give us the fair chance to solve that issue versus taking advantage of it. We are a small team here and mistakes happen sometimes. Please understand that it can happen even after double and triple checking everything that goes up onto our site for quality, accuracy and descriptive properties. We appreciate your understanding when we screw up and we will always strive to do better and make things better in the future. 


What do you do with our information?

Not much! We have no interest in collecting any of your information and using it for anything other than making sure you get what you ordered. That's it. You might get some emails here and there about new products, deals, offers or other news about Retro Replay, but that's about it. We're never going to give away or sell any of your information for any reason because that's really annoying when companies do that.


I live outside of Canada. Can I order too?

Yes and no. Right now Retro Replay offers service to Canada the USA and over 100 more countries world wide. Other international destinations we are working on the process of getting those areas available for our website. As we grow and move forward online we will be offering more areas world wide for our products to become available. 

If you have any other questions you can contact us through email at retroreplaycanada@gmail.com. You can also TEXT us at  519-781-3076. DO NOT call this number as it is for TEXT MESSAGES ONLY. This number is unmonitored and will not accept phone calls and will only receive text messages. We will reply to quick questions via text. If you would like a more detailed reply please email us.