Nintendo NES Console

Nintendo NES Console

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This console comes with one controller, the power supply and a set of AV cables (red, white and yellow). It has been fully cleaned and sanitized and works very well. As with all retro cartridge based consoles that Retro Replay sells, they are tested with games that are fully cleaned. Please make sure to clean the contacts on your games to get the best optimal performance out of this, and all of our consoles. There is some yellowing to the front of the console from the fire retardant in the plastic oxidizing over time. 

The Nintendo Entertainment System is credited as the console that saved video games! After a whole generation of mediocre games hitting the home market, gamers got frustrated and annoyed at the lack of quality in home console gaming. Nintendo solved that problem with the NES!

With amazing graphics at the time, a huge selection of 677 licensed titles and well over 800 if you include unlicensed games, the NES was just an absolute monster at the time. No company could compare. Nintendo mania swept the world and it was the must have console for any kid or family. 

The NES library brought us so many amazing titles like, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Tetris, Zelda, Metroid, Battletoads, Final Fantasy, Contra, Mega Man, Kirby and so many firsts in the video game world!