John Madden Football 92 - Loose Cartridge

John Madden Football 92 - Loose Cartridge

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Genre: Football


The tradition continues. The intensity. The passion. All the things that made John Madden Football the best-selling football video game: On-screen play calling, IsoVision passing camera, audibles, player ratings. Spin. Dive. Jump. Hurdle. Cut back. Break tackles. You control the action! And now Madden '92 brings you even tougher opponents. Get away with your big play once, but go back to it too soon and you'll get stuffed - Big Time!

Updated for '92! Over 100 plays from Coach Madden's playbook!

More challenges in '92!
* 28 pro teams plus All-Madden Team
* New plays: Run & Shoot, 3-4 Defense, and more
* Unique coaching profiles and game plans
* Smarter opponents adjust to your play calling
* Quicker, more aggressive defense

Madden recaps each scoring drive --- just like TV!

Over 20 new features!
* Score a TD and use Instant Replay to rub it in. (Again.)
* Choose weather --- fair, rain, snow, and wind
* Play head-to-head or with a team mate
* Crush the quarterback --- knock him out of the game
* Review pass interference calls --- even overturn them!
* Substitute quarterbacks
* Bigger variety of audibles

Biggest play of the year --- quarterback sneak to the hospital.

Security sticker residue on back. Loose cartridge.