42 in 1 Multi Cart - Atari Label

42 in 1: Multi Cart - Atari Label (Not Atari Games on Cart)

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Genre: Multicart of 42 Famicom Games

Loose cartridge. This was not made by Nintendo and has it's origins in Hong Kong. Some of the people who made these games back in the day had no idea what was on them and used whatever source material they could find to use for label art. Even though this cartridge shows Atari 2600 art work on it, this is not some sort of crazy multi cart that has Atari 2600 games on it that plays on the Famicom. Its just some dude had no idea what he was doing and thought "Wow! This art work looks neat! I think it'll work great for this label!" Well 35 years later he looks like a fool and must be so embarassed at his mistake. I bet he lives in shame somewhere and rarely shows his face due to it.